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Do you crave the adrenaline inducing thrill of taking the odds to task for ten rounds and emerging victorious? Does your heart rate quicken when you hear the sound of victory chiming again and again? For those that do not have time or the means to venture over to Las Vegas, there is a new player in the online slot machine community, that player is Wagermill slots.

Based out of the UK this innovating company is helmed by industry all-stars including Electracade veterans Mark Paling and Martin Batten. Together with Sidney’s The Gaming Lab, Wagermill has developed a groundbreaking RGS back-end system named GECO that will revolutionize the online slot machine industry. Delivery of exciting games has never been easier.

The goal of a successful casino software development company is to capture the Las Vegas authenticity for easy and quick delivery to your home PC, tablet, and mobile device.

Wagermill has become an expert in just that and more. With games such as Sassy Bingo to Ultimate Roulette, Wagermill has something for everyone from the newly inducted online gaming neophyte to the seasoned veterans of these fun filled games of chance. Combine the top notch graphics with the gritty real life feel of these games and you have to wonder why you would shell out the cash for a trip to Vegas in the first place.

Let’s face it, actually getting on a plane and sitting among regularly boring people and their sick kids for hours in order to spend even more money on a hotel and then finally get to sit on a battle worn stool to get your slot machine fix has gone the way of the dinosaur. The introduction of the online slot machine was a game changer, literally.

All the excitement without having to leave the comfort of your own home and without having to deal with all the other people is finally possible. Wagermill is dedicated to bringing every bit of excitement you would find in Vegas, without any of the hassle, straight to you. Finally, what happens in Vegas need not happen there at all.

WagerMill games are also well known for their rewarding features and special icons that they offer, especially when it comes to slot machines. This is why many players prefer WagerMill Slots,as they dont only capture the Vegas spirit, but they are also quite rewarding through the special features and bonuses that they host. Players can try many of them right here for free on this website.