Rabcat GamblingRabcat gambling, headquartered in Vienna is a very well-known and respected manufacturer of casino games. In the growing industry of iGaming, Rabcat provides a wide variety of software including; casino table games, video poker, unique 3D games but are known for their casino slots online.

The company was established in October of 2001. This is when online gambling and gaming started to become widely apparent across the world. They currently have two CEO's who share the job, Mr. Emmerich Hager and Mr. Thomas Schleischitz who is also considered the founder of Rabcat Gambling. It is said that Schleischitz believed the gaming world could be more innovative and provide more entertainment value than was currently available so he decided to dive right into the business of building software for online gaming.

Slot Games by Rabcat

They have a wide variety of different slot games available for play online. Rabcat is always trying to become more innovative and provide a next level gaming experience for its players. Their video slots come with a wide array of themes ranging from games based on the middle ages and fun games that deal with animals and their goofy antics. At the current moment, one of their most popular video slots currently is called, Castle Builder.

Castle Builder is not just the typical video slot available in many place on the web, it is a 5-reeled, multi-line slot machine that places the player into the medieval role of building castles. There are three kingdoms that the players must conquer and to do so, the player must build ten castles each in to continue on the journey. A player spins the reels the collect building materials within each kingdom, then utilizes those materials to build castles.

Level Based Games

As the player works through the story of the game, they can collect multiple service medals and achieve higher ranks. Rabcat prides themselves on making this a level-based game, causing the player to want to return and continue their quest to conquer the three kingdoms. Once the kingdoms are conquered, there is an endless game mode.

Rabcat also offers a fun, relaxed video slot called Penguin Splash. This slot is a 5-reel slot that is much more laid back than Castle Builder. This game is unique due to the fun nature where the goal is to cause the penguins to dive into the water and every time they do, the player receives 5 bonus spins. You can make the penguin dive by collecting penguin-scatter symbols while spinning the reels. Also, all winnings earned by free spins are paid in multiples of two.

When it comes to designing and developing software for the iGaming industry, Rabcat has some innovative ideas and are continuing to design more products. When looking for casino slots online, a player would be wise to look up Rabcat products. Learn more at the corporate website.