Quickspin Games

Quickspin Games SlotsA Swedish game studio called Quickspin Games has been creating online casino slots that are free to play; these games are specifically for online gambling. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden near the center of the city. Their crew has years of game design experience and a love for gaming, gambling, and playing gambling games. According to the workers of Quickspin, the most important thing to them is for them to care about and to give respect to their players. Because of this, they promise to only give the best kinds of games with admirable quality. They want their players to enjoy their games to the point that if they do not enjoy the games, then they do not find these games worthy of their players.

The company’s CEO is Daniel Lindberg. He started in the online casino slots business first with his five years at Stockholm based Net Entertainment where he was the Sales Director and Head of Product Management-Games. He has also worked with companies like TDC Song and NETnet in their sales and marketing departments giving him much needed experience to run a company like Quickspin.

The Vice President of Products, Mats Westerlund, has also had several years in the gambling and gaming world, and he has become a prominent figure in the industry. He is known for his inventing of groundbreaking yet thrilling games dealing specifically dealing with online slots. When he worked at Net Entertainment, he was placed in charge of product and design strategy for video slot style games. Previously, he has also worked as a Producer as big name companies like Nokia, UDS, and EA. His vast experience has made him a valuable asset to Quickspin.

Joachim Timmermans, the Vice President of Strategy, has had seven years of previous experience with online gambling companies. He was part of the Executive Management team of Unibet Group Plc. Now, he is a pioneer in the online gaming community with much to offer Quickspin and the online gaming world as a whole.

Quickspin's games have a wide variety of themes from candy to classic literature to epic adventures. This company is continuously releasing new games that will entice the players to take a chance and play these fantastic games. Quickspin’s goal is to design and release easy to play games that hold both a player’s attention and interest. Also, the company strives to produce games with catching and startling graphics; aside from this, they want the game’s effects and various sounds to add to the overall feel of the game. Their concern for authentic styled games that follow a specific theme keeps them at the forefront of online gambling gaming sites across the globe.