Quickfire Slot Games

Quickfire Games Casino SoftwareQuickfire is a company that designs slot games online for online and mobile casinos. They work with Microgaming Slots in order to create extremely popular games that most online casinos host. Games included are Tomb Raider and Battlestar Galactica. The thing that sets their games apart from everyone else is that they have a massive progressive jackpot system.

Recently, they have started the concept of multiplayer, competitive slot games. Even though there is only one such game available currently, should it become popular, the company could end up taking online gambling by storm. Multiplayer slots completely changes the way that slot machines are played. Some players may detest the idea. But, there are countless others that would fully accept the idea and enjoy it a great deal.


Versatility in Online Gaming

However, they are an extremely versatile company that does not specialize solely in slot games online. They work with existing online casinos to offer them sports betting, poker, slots games, and blackjack. Since they release games roughly once a month, the casinos that host their games are receiving regular releases and updates that ensure that their player base will not end up bored. Their games are available in all countries that have legalized online gambling.

Nevertheless, there is one notable pitfall with the company: players' payouts can be delayed because the casino operators must have a QuickFire account. This account gives access to the payment software (“wallets”) in order to issue payments to players that have won anything. However, this is a very minor pitfall that can be easily worked around. As long as the people running a casino are willing and able to access the software in a timely manner it should run smoothly.

Slot Games by Quickfire

In regard to the software offerings, Quickfire slot games claim that their software is easily integrated into any existing casino software.  This type of integration makes it easy for online slots game owners to decide what games they want to host and when they want to host them. The flexibility to customize what games are currently available at a casino is one of many things that sets the company apart from other casino game designers.

They also provide what they call mini-games; which are smaller versions of the games they have already created. A mini-game allows casino owners to host more games than they would be able to, if the games were standard size. Gameplay does not change, just the graphical size. This can be helpful for large casinos that have numerous games they have to manage.

Quickfire is a company that not only comes up with new ideas for games but integrates those ideas seamlessly in their new releases. They offer a wider variety of services for casino owners than many game designers provide. As such, slot games online casinos are able to host the most current in gaming technology.