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You can go to any casino in the world but nothing, and yes, that means NOTHING, can capture the essence and spirit of Las Vegas. It’s the city of casinos, the city of money and the city where the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” (Yup, it’s true. You don’t want your friends to know you did something wild like marrying a stripper right?). Moving on… Las Vegas is the place to be when you really want to get in on the action for all things casino. From poker to blackjack to slot games, you’ll find it all packed with bliss and glamour. While you may not be able all of it in the slot game world online, there is one game that manages to at least capture a piece of it and turn it into an online game that gives new players and old players that ever essence people in Vegas experience. Cryptologic gives it all in their Vegas-themed slot game, Just Vegas.

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The Just Vegas Slot Machine is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game that’s after the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. You can already see it right from the get-go: the symbol of the flashy girl, the symbol of the scruffy guy who’s got it all covered and the background of the flashy lights of the casino. It’s Vegas design built from the ground up. You can’t deny it; it comes running at you head-on. Cryptologic has done a good job in making sure this game is Vegas. You may not be in Vegas in person but being able to feel that spirit is something most developers can’t pull off and Cryptologic has certainly done a good job in doing just that.

The design and symbols of the reels fit the theme perfectly. From the jacks & queens, man & woman and the cash, you can see little animations trigger when you make a winning combo. Couple that with the sound effects and you can see Vegas flash before your very eyes. This game will surely hit the giddy side in you seeing how Vegas is.

Betting options cater to almost everyone, from the savers to the riskers. Riskers will have a delight to know betting options can go up $500. You can also set up bets using the paylines available so you should have some good wins after making your bets.

Too lazy to dance a duel with Vegas? You can use Cryptologic’s prominent Auto-play. Set it up to fast or slow and let it randomly spin up to 999 times. If you want to do some tango, play blackjack or slam some poker while you wait, this auto-play was made for you. Or if you’re just too lazy to press spin all the time, you can use this as well.

The wild symbol for this game is the Just Vegas gold chip. This substitutes for any symbol to make that winning combo and unlike other games, it will substitute for a scatter symbol so the chip will definitely help you out in this game.

The bonus round in this game is triggered if you gain three or more Just Vegas scatter symbols. When you activate the bonus round, the game asks you if you’d like to switch to Asian, Roman or Egyptian casino. Whichever casino you pick, you’ll suddenly see your game’s design change into that very casino. This is one of the best bonus rounds ever made for the game because really, is there ever a slot game that changes a casino into something distinctively foreign? Cryptologic has once again shown why they are the best in what they do when making slot games. You’ll even see your reels change. So you might see the woman symbol turn Asian or you might see the chips turn to something related to the chosen casino. This is truly a remarkable bonus feat. And besides the change, the three casinos have their bonus features so it’s up to you to find out what these are.

Confused still about this Vegas game? Rules and help page come in handy. You can check them out during the regular casino theme and also during the chosen casino theme you pick during the bonus round (Egyptian, Roman or Asian). You can see the patterns, the symbols, the jackpot and everything so go ahead and read it all for the mastery of the game.

Overall, Just Vegas is a solid and fun slot game. With awesome bonus features like switching to different casinos, well-refined gameplay and a nice, integrated design for all casino themes, you’re going to love Just Vegas.