Jenga Casino Game

Once in a while, slot machines get designed differently to resemble another game to give it a nice change. From Bejeweled to Cubis, slot games get a change in design to give slot gamers a great challenge for them. Anyone up for another change in the slot design should go for Jenga, a slot game based on the popular family game of towers. So if you are a fan of the game of towers, then you will certainly enjoy this wonderfully designed video slot machine that has a lot to give to players, in terms of entertainment value, as well as payouts.

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Jenga is a no-reels, 18-payline slot game based on the popular puzzle game of the same name. What do you do here? Since there are no reels in this game, you have to do pick paylines that are lined up for certain colored blocks. If your payline makes a winning combo, those blocks are removed and another set of the blocks are put on top. It's a game to see how long can you as the tower keeps going up and up without crumbling into pieces while you claim plenty of rewards.

A cool thing about this is if the tower gets too tall, it will collapse and you win a free game. Pretty sweet right? It's just like the real Jenga, only it's digital. Now you don't have to clean!

The Jenga slot game features bonuses like wilds, scatters and free spins to keep you occupied with the game. Though it might be a bit difficult to get into, give it some time. Eventually, Jenga will grow on you. Players can find all about the game, its payouts, its rules and its special features, as well as the regular line payouts that it has to offer by opening the paytable of the game at any time during the game play.

So if you want to engage the slot game in a whole new way, try Jenga. It's a slot game full of blocks and towers. The best part about all of this is that the game can be played right here for free so you can check all of what it has to offer, its game play options and features. This way, you can form a picture of the game and what it has to offer before placing real money bets on the game at online casinos that offer it.