Cubis Slot Machine


Cubis Slot Machine

Do you love cubes? No, no… not ice cubes, light cubes or any of those cubes you think you might be thinking. I’m talking about cubed blocks. The kind of cubes most puzzle games use for testing out the brain to know how to erase them in the most efficient way to earn points. One game that does this in its own unique way is Cubis, a game where you shoot cubes into the same colored cubes stacked below it. It’s like a mix of Tetris and Bejeweled but put into an isometric game board. Well, if you’ve played this game you’ll be glad to know that Cubis has been turned into a slot game, thanks to the efforts of Cryptologic.

Cubis Slot Game Puzzle

The Cubis slot game is a slot game version of the original puzzle. Just like the Bejeweled slot game, the Cubis slot game uses almost everything that the original did. It turns the slot machine design into an isometric game. So don’t worry; Cubis feels right at home in the world of slot games. The pure goodness of isometric-ness is still here.

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So how do you go about playing this Cubis-style slot game? Well, the game has multiple reels. Since Cubis is isometric and can feature reels from 10 – 20, the game will align the paylines to better accommodate the new structure. So you’re getting a slot game that can go either way with its scheme. This is perfect for Cubis fans and for newcomers who want an isometric spin on the ordinary slot game. And like the original Cubis, you’ll do a spin and cubes drop on the cubes already stacked. If after one or two spins no winning combo has been made, the cubes disappear a new set appear. This is Cubis alright.

Betting range can go up to $20 and you can select the number of paylines so whether you want to risk it all or save it all, you’ll be enjoying making big wins or big losses for the game. This is only recommended for the Cubis players who know their way around the game. Other games should re-think their strategy before they go ahead and make some big risks.

The wild symbol for this game is the grey cube. The grey cube substitutes for any colored cube to make a winning combo and can be used as a multiplier. So be happy if a grey cubes comes in for the party. You’ll definitely be happy and lucky that you got that grey cube to help (that is… if it comes).

Other good cubes to help you out is the bomb cube. There are three types of them and if a few of them drop in, you’ll get massive wins when it blows up. Might not be as awesome as the grey cube but if you’re a winnings collector, this will be your key to victory. Depending on which bomb cube you get, they can blow up on different directions. One bomb cube can blow up in a line, another can blow up at least 25 cubes on where it lands and the last one blows up the entire board. This is Cubis galore indeed.

If this game has confused you in many ways (mostly because it’s based on a somewhat complex puzzle game) Cryptologic has you covered. You can go ahead and take a look at the rules and help page. You can check out the rules on how to play this game (after all, it’s a multi-reel game. You’ll be confused on how to proceed with so many cubes going down and down), you can see the type of cubes that will net you more winnings and you can see what the special cubes can do for you. You’ll be needing all this info for a slot game that’s become a little complicated even for the casual gamer.

There is a downside to this slot game and that will be the replay value. Because Cubis involves swiping out the cubes off the board and to couple that with the conventions of slot games, it can get tiring. It will take a while before you get a hang with the game since it takes some time getting used to it.
In short, Cubis is a fun slot game. It’s not something a casual gamer will find fun in the long run but if you’re in the market for something different in slot games, why not give this shot? Fan or not, you’ll find it fun swiping boards of cubes for money. And hey, there’s a jackpot of $200,000 waiting for you in the game. So, ready to go Cubis on those cubes?