Online slots by 1x2gaming1x2gaming is a company founded in the United Kingdom that streams various gambling games, virtual football games, and some casino style games. These casino-style games go out to international gaming sites such as Bet365, BwinParty, and Ladbrokes.

They are an independent company founded in 2003 with their main office in the United Kingdom’s Silicon Beach, or Brighton & Hove. Since their founding in 2003, 1x2gaming has been creating fixed odds games for various gaming sites giving these sites access to several online slots and other casino-style games.

They have worked across multiple channels and with several gaming sites of many sizes, producing a significant amount of revenue for these partnering gaming sites.

Part of their personnel includes a vast team of graphic artists, developers, and the like; they produce games based on HTML5 and flash. These games cooperate with their server-side gaming engines.

Their online slots are some of their more popular products with themes concerning sports, animals, foods, underwater, ancient cultures, pop culture, and various holidays including Christmas and Halloween. With their exceptional graphics and video effects, the games have an incredibly appealing look which demonstrates their team’s talent. Their games are offered in a variety of languages with the promise to continue adding languages so that their games can reach more people.

They were the original inventors of betting on virtual football, and 1x2gaming promise to provide football betting “every 90 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” They have a plethora of virtual football tournaments and “betting markets” that they are continuously improving.

But aside from virtual football, they have included other virtual sports games- not to mention their countless casino, instant win, and online slots games. Their games and products are regulated and completely legal, and they can be considered trustworthy. Their games are both verified and inspected at the highest levels and standards. The company has licenses from the United Kingdom approving of their games. Soon, 1x2gaming will release their Virtual Football Pro product which will be the best virtual football product at ICE.

With their beginnings in the Virtual Football betting market, 1x2gaming has been a pioneer in online gaming for almost twelve years now. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Reid is the spokesman for the business, and he is always speaking of how his company is moving forward and working hand in hand with its partners to better the online gaming experience and community. With an increase in new games and improved, upgraded products, this company is sure to hold its ground as one of the best in its field.

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